PhotoCook - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the app not recognizing my ingredients correctly?
A: The AI that is being used to recognize the ingredients is still in the process of learning. With time it will become better at recognizing your products.

Q: What kind of products does the app recognize?
A: The AI can recognize around 1000 products, but can NOT recognize canned or jarred products as well as products from specific brand.

Q: What information is the app storing about me?
A: No personal information, images or ingredients are being stored in our database. Please read Terms of Use for detailed information.

Q: Can I search for recipes without capturing photo?
A: Yes. Just go to the "Products" tab and manually add your ingredients.

Q: What does the reset button do?
A: The reset button removes all images captured, the found ingredients and their respective recipes. It resets the app to a default state.

Q: I searched for recipes, I went back and enabled another ingredient and pressed search, but nothing happened?
A: The app is currently restricted to search if only 3 or more ingredients have been changed.

Q: Sone of the recipes are goofy, what is that all about?
A: The application is using external provider of the recipes, we can not guarantee the quality of the Recipes, but we're working on improving it!